Types of Doors

  • Wood Exterior Wood doors are the most versatile of all types of doors. They can be ordered in any size, wood type or style. They offer more options in creating custom glass patterns, shapes and sizes to suit you.
  • Fiberglass Exterior Fiberglass doors are most commonly used on exteriors when exposure to severe weather is a primary concern. Many models offer similar appearance and options that wood doors offer without the maintenance.
  • Steel Exterior Steel Doors are the least expensive of all doors listed and generally the least expensive exterior doors.. They are similar to fiberglass doors in that they withstand weather and have many glass options.
  • Interior Doors Most interior doors have a hollow core. This is generally done for cost savings for both the manufacturer and consumer. Interior doors range in price from hollow core paint or stain grade, to solid wood stile and rail doors that are available in a variety of wood species.
  • Shower Doors Why settle for unattractive shower curtains lacking the durability of quality-constructed shower enclosures? Whether you need a frame or frameless design for a shower stall or bath tub enclosure, our flexibility gives you the freedom to create the bathroom shower enclosure system of your dreams. Each bathroom shower system we sell is built for beauty and performance.
  • Lock Sets Hardware With the growing number of decorative door, cabinet and bath hardware manufacturers, there is an extensive range of products available to match into any home's décor and budget.